Ok, so here goes (reprise)

[Note: I wrote this post on another blog I started … on July 23, 2011! I posted once more a month later, then nothing. Interesting timing, considering I am about to begin a weeklong pop up challenge to “Get Back to Creating” with Jennifer Louden. I’m carrying this over here both to condense and to remind myself I can always begin again.]

white butterfly small
A Pale Beauty Moth, photographed at the former Leaven Center in Lyons, Michigan

First blog, first post. Eliminating that blank white page that sometimes scares a writer to death.

I read this on Jennifer Louden’s blog today. There is more to it, but here is what grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me til my teeth chattered. (Chattered? Is that the right word? World English Dictionary: ( intr ) (of the teeth) to click together rapidly through cold or fear. Italics mine. Yes, that would be the right word.)

Says Jen:

Fantasy robs you of this life that is being lived here right now which is far better than any fantasy ever could be; it robs you of the ability to trust yourself and develop your natural gifts which then robs the world of you and your badly needed service.

We need desire + reality to change our world. We won’t create that change if we, the creative leaders of the world, keep waiting for what we are meant to do to arrive, preferably on a silver platter, stuffed with cash and accolades and 150% money back guarantee.


Yup, I needed to read this today. That’s me, trying to figure it out while waiting for my grand purpose to be made clear to me. Really, it’s just another excuse for not trusting myself, my gifts, and my truth.

Time to wade in.

8 Replies to “Ok, so here goes (reprise)”

  1. You go girl!

    As Edgar Cayce said, gifts are revealed as the previous ones are used. This is not do to some control freak in heaving deciding you are worthy enough. This is simply the reality. Using the gifts we have teaches us how to use gifts. Then we are able to see the next level of complexity or difficulty of gifts that are waiting for us. It’s revealed step by step as you use what you have.

    Shona Moonbeam


      1. Even with all my typos…
        But today I am compelled to share the truth that the world is too harsh, and reeady to forget us. Fantasy is useful to keep going. God/Spirit never creates anythinf useless, and Fatasy is at least the sister of Hope, if not her mother!


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