Thank you, Jesus, for this cup of coffee

Day 3

Ok, technically a day late. To tell the truth, I fell asleep and never wrote a word. But I did promise myself the personal challenge would be whatever it is, deep or drivel.

So this is what’s on my mind … and on my taste buds: a hot cup of Colombian coffee, black. I’m waiting for the caffeine to work its magic. I’m happy to be indoors, out of the rain, warm.

There’s a busy day ahead, so I’m hoping for more on my mind than the above. But it’s done! And done is better than not done.

2 Replies to “Thank you, Jesus, for this cup of coffee”

  1. “A hot cup of Colombian coffee, black.” Mmm; although that coffee looks a bit translucent around the side of your cup. Whereas, my drip involves eight scoops of “Dark French Roast,” eight cups water, and three hazelnuts to buffer the brew’s bitter bite, but always after complaining, “I know what’s wrong with me.”

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