It’s OK if someone doesn’t like me

Day 5

This meme is what’s on my mind tonight. I had two conversations with friends today during which it was clear their struggle centers on not being liked, or approved of, or appreciated by others. I know that struggle too.

Not feeling confident in our own opinions and ideas holds girls and women back from being who they are and who they are becoming. I’m not sure how to change this, but as grandmother to a soon-to-be born granddaughter, I’m sure as heck going to figure it out.

One Reply to “It’s OK if someone doesn’t like me”

  1. My twist on Rogers may be useful. Although “I never met a stranger I didn’t like,” I never had to meet myself, so I don’t count. Shoot—I don’t even like myself, and that;s OK; because, I want to be who I am. Kind of a nifty trick, eh.

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