What’s a writer without pens?

Day 8

This morning I went in search of an old Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen in my collection. I’ve already forgotten why I thought of it.

I love pens, expensive ones and cheap ones, and am always buying (or picking up) new ones. I don’t necessarily use them; I have boxes and cups and drawers filled with them all over the house. I’m sure many are bone dry by now. But a collection is a collection.

The Namiki pen was dry, of course. I think the last time I used it was in the early 2000s. So I went rifling through a desk drawer searching for a refill. I found several … and in the process laid eyes on this 8-pack of Papermate Liquid Expresso medium-point porous point markers. “Writes smooth like a felt pen tip,” the label says. The ink is still flowing in these pens.

One blessing of aging (or maybe it’s in having that many pens) is I forget what I have. When I discovered the Liquid Expressos, it was like getting a Christmas present, or making a trip to Target or receiving an Amazon package without spending money. Those dollars are long gone.

So for now the 8-pack, and the resurrected Namiki, join the rest of the favorite pens and highlighters on my bedside table for purposes of journaling and planning. They’ll rotate out when I re-discover others and add them temporarily to my writer’s palette.

If you’re a pen fanatic like me, check out this review of top 100 pens. How many do you own?

How many do I own? Hint: Number 2 is in my Amazon cart. I’ll pass on Number 1; it’s a rollerball. Not a fan.

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