Pen or computer?

Day 10

Somehow I lost a day. I’ve had plenty in my mind, but I guess I have neglected to write it down.

Neglected. I was talking with my daughter about this blog, about how the voice doesn’t feel natural to me. I chalked it up to this: I can hear the difference in my writing when I use a computer (including my smart phone, which I’ve been using to compose a lot since the Internet went out during the ice storms we had here), vs. when I write longhand. “Neglected” is a great example.

It’s not that I don’t use that word, but it’s more formal. When I write with a pen and paper, I might say instead “I haven’t written.” More to the point, too.

Maybe it’s because when I write by hand, it’s primarily for journaling, or writing to a prompt with one of my writing groups. It’s creative. Something in my brain is programmed to think “This is work, this is business” when I sit down at the computer to compose.

I remember reading somewhere that when you write by hand you’re closer to the page — and to your thoughts and emotions — so your writing is more authentic. (Here’s an article that supports that premise.)

Of course, it’s quicker to type, edit and post than having to retype. But so what? The slowness, the opportunity to think about what I’m writing and who I am writing it for, and how I want my voice to sound, would be worth it.

The next post will start by longhand before turning to the keyboard.

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