Winter Walk

Day 14

Leia enjoying a summer walk.

When the temperature hit 40 today, Leia and I took a walk in the neighborhood. There’s more snow and cold on the way, and she’s been cooped up for far too long with only potty breaks, so we ventured out, trying our best to dodge puddles in the street (no sidewalks in this neighborhood).

There’s something luscious about thawed air. Both of us had our noses in the air most of the time, as though our sense of smell has been held captive by the cold as well as our bodies. When it’s below zero you smell nothing, and don’t really notice, because when it’s that frigid you only want to get back inside. That includes Leia.

I think we were both happy and grateful for the break in winter madness and the chance to stretch our legs. The season isn’t over, but today we were offered a reminder that spring is coming.

If only we can hold on to that thought in the coming weeks.

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