‘Danger, Will Robinson’

Day 24

The wind is howling, like it does on a summer day when storms are threatening.

I love this kind of weather, except that in the summer there’s warmth. Indeed, down South this front has brought tornadoes.

Here in West Michigan winds are predicted at 40-45 mph, with gusts of 60-65, along with freezing rain and snow. It’s mid-winter, and if we lose power it’s going to be mighty unpleasant. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t prepare and I didn’t lose power. But this time forecasters are saying losing power is “likely.”

I’m charging up my phone, making an extra pot of coffee just in case, even reheating the pot of soup, which will stay warm for a few hours anyway. When this post is finished I’ll take a shower and dry the clothes in the washer from this morning. Maybe I’ll fill the bathtub with water, or at least fill some pots.

Then I can only hope a tree doesn’t come down on the house or my car.

It’s a First-World problem, as they say. Even without heat and electricity I’ll still have shelter, food and potable water, access to the outside world (and the Internet) through my cellphone. I have blankets and coats, hats and mittens. I have books to read. I’m not in danger at the hands of marauding bands of thugs.

I have my pens and notebooks, and my thoughts. Life is good.

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