Black velvet

Day 18 #iWriteDaily

I’m struggling today. For no good reason. If there needs to be one.

I woke up in the middle of the night with this line in my head: When the days mourns with family and friends. When I awoke this morning I finished it … first draft-finished anyway.

When the day mourns

As the bereaved

Loved ones clothed in

Thick grief curtains

Crushed black velvet

Shroud becomes night.

The tears and words poured through me, pen moving quickly to catch them. What is this?

I miss my dogs. I miss opportunities not taken. I mourn decisions made. And not made. I miss the decades of youthful hope ahead of me, that it gets better than just this.

The sun is shining. I’ll have lunch with a friend, attend a meeting, go to work, note the minutiae of the day. Dusk. Dawn. Then another 24-hour capsule of time will begin.

And on it goes.

Hybrid Black Velvet Tea Rose, Japan Komatsu 1999 at Flower Festival Commemorative Park, T.Kiya /Wikimedia Commons

7 Replies to “Black velvet”

      1. Exactly. I disagree with your friend. I think if we shared more instead of pretending that life is great all the time and we’ve got it knocked, life for all of us would be better. The country would be better for it, too.

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  1. Life is a frequently a struggle but doesn’t sharing it in the telling of our stories make it a little easier? That in our humanity, in our daily troubles, we have community which is more important than our differences? We are rich in the minutiae of life but it is up to us, sifting like miners with pan and water, to find the gold amid the dross. Have a great day!

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