I am a writer? I am a writer!

Day 26 #iWriteDaily

There are four more days to this 30-day challenge, and the end will mark 90 days of posting.

I’ve appreciated the rhythm that writing in this space has added to my days. It’s also been hard, when I’m tired or “just feel like it,” but (thankfully) I’ve recognized the commitment I made to myself. (It hasn’t been perfect; I’ve sometimes done two posts the next day to catch up … like this one! … but I think that’s still in the spirit of the challenge.)

One unexpected benefit of doing this challenge for three months — and many people will say that’s how long it takes to solidify a habit — is that I’ve come to think of myself as a creative writer.

Which is funny. I’ve written my whole life, in one form or another, but struggled to see myself that way.

When I post here, I’m usually not completely (never?) satisfied with the writing. Then I receive positive feedback from readers (who doesn’t appreciate that?!) and/or I go back a couple of days later and reread what I’ve written … and usually I’m pleased with it.

This particular challenge has also provided insights into procrastination, which I’ve written about, and will again.

It’s been a real eye-opener.

2 Replies to “I am a writer? I am a writer!”

  1. I am so very proud of your accomplishment Karen. To take this challenge. Continue this challenge and become kind to yourse at the same time. Wow. Just wow.

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