Dark Night of the Soul

“Steel Road.” Kudrjashov Andrey

And one night — if it was night at all — she dreamed she was back at the beginning, where it all started.

She saw the threads leading to other choices that, in that the moment, hadn’t been apparent to her.

In the dream she saw not only what else she might have done, she saw where she might be today instead of where she was. But she watched her dream-self choose a course that would bring her right here. To this.

Her mind screamed. She knew. She hadn’t dreamed; she was dead. At least her body was dead. Her consciousness couldn’t make a sound.

This was the way it had to end. For what reason she didn’t know, but that didn’t matter. It had never mattered. She understood now. Choice had always been an illusion.

4 Replies to “Dark Night of the Soul”

  1. As the great Gurdjieff said, “We have free will, but we have one foot nailed to the floor.”

    That was for the human spirit living inside.

    Bravo for the creative spirit.
    The story could be fleshed out with your helicopter novel pieces for a compelling voyage in storyland.


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