‘Add color to my sunset sky’

Day 1

Today I signed up for a 30-day art challenge through iCreateDaily for Creators (#iArtDaily). The last time I remember feeling creative — like visual-artist creative — was in childhood.

Since it’s a new year, which always holds the potential for new beginnings, I figured I’d give the challenge a try. Cross disciplinary creativity is good for enhancing one’s main focus. And it’s simple: create what comes to mind given the day’s prompt.

The prompt for Day 1 was this:

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

It’s by Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali, Indian polymath, poet, musician and artist, 1861-1941.

My first try was with playing with color pencils, trying for a sunset.

Hated it, and was so discouraged. The critic snickered and said, “See, I told you’re not an artist. Then came the question born of self doubt: Why did I do this challenge? That was so stupid. I should have known better.

Then I thought about playing around with the “drawing” in PicsArt, maybe blending or blurring, something to at least add some interest. PicsArt is a phone app, and I’ve had very little practice with it. But I gave it a go, and got this variation.

Hmmm. Ok. Then played a little more.

By now I was feeling better about my decision to accept the challenge, and also even a bit adventurous and hopeful.

Then I zeroed in on the center, the weird little almost 3D splotch, the eye of the storm and the sunset. Cropping gave me this.

I love it! What it is I’m not sure: a flower that rises up after a storm’s destruction? A sunset’s beauty expressing itself differently? The calm, color and beauty when, at old age, we can contemplate and appreciate all that took place before the sun sets each day? A choice to see the gifts of life rather than the burdens? A reminder that life, like the flower’s time, is short?

Because of Day 1, I close this day contented, relieved that the inner critic has turned in for the night, and excited to see what tomorrow brings!

I have 30 days to practice letting go of self judgement and self doubt, and instead approaching this process with curiosity, wondering “What if …?”

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