Nothing is impossible in the kitchen

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 19

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” ~ Deepak Chopra

For me the one place where I totally trust myself is in front of the stove.

I love cooking from scratch and without a recipe. I feel comfortable experimenting and making adjustments. There is no failure in the kitchen; it brings out my inner courage and creativity.

This is holubtsi (cabbage roll) soup … a nod to my Ukrainian heritage and my Baba (grandmother). I used ground turkey instead of beef, and still may add pickle juice to balance out the sweetness of the brown sugar. And, of course, serve it with sour cream.

I’ve loved cooking for a long time, but always used a cookbook … until a guest at a retreat center I worked at encouraged me to feel my way into the food. It’s the way I’ve cooked since then … although I do love reading a good cookbook!

4 Replies to “Nothing is impossible in the kitchen”

  1. Really cold weather reminds us to cherish creature comforts. Good food is essential on so many levels, just like creativity! We, too, are busily cooking. Paul is working on chili and I just put my friend’s kuegel in the oven-the old fashioned kind made with lots of butter! Thanks to your contribution I now have a craving for cabbage soup!😊


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