‘The first wind’

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 21

The prompt for Day 21 — the day following the full super blood wolf moon — was a video featuring John O’Donohue. He is wonderful: his observations, his poetry, his voice; and in the video the footage of the seas in Ireland was spectacular. You can view it here.

What came to mind was this. (By the way, it has nothing to do with the below, which I took in my front yard two months ago. I just needed art for this post. ☺️ )

There was a photo on Facebook a couple of days ago of a crowd on the street standing behind a barrier. Something was obviously going on to the left (their right) beyond what the camera captured. The young people looking on all had their phones in their hands and they were taking pictures, their eyes on their screens. One elderly woman was craning forward to watch what was happening with own eyes, an ecstatic smile on her face.

I glimpsed only the initial part of the lunar eclipse, and completely missed when the moon was orange. However, the morning after I saw what was a close second for me: the full moon huge and hanging low in the western sky. It took my breath away (and not only because the temperature was a brisk -4 degrees!).

I put my hand in my pocket for my phone and remembered it had died minutes before. So I did what the old woman did in the Facebook photo. I stopped where I was, gazed up at the moon and took it in for several minutes. I’m not sure how long I stood there..

The moon was bright and creamy, the entire panorama behind it lavender pink, with texture — as though rubbed with chalk. Beneath the moon the color bled into the crisp azure of a cloudless sky. All this could be seen through the dark branches of two leafless trees.

I drank it all in, wishing not for a camera but for a sketchbook and a box of chalk pastels. Since I had neither, I wanted to commit the scene to memory, what it looked like and felt like to witness such beauty.

It was very much a John O’Donohue moment. For me he always managed to bring alive Spirit/God/the Universe through his essays and poetry.

Perhaps it was the magic I was hoping for in my previous day’s post.


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