Success … vision … then …

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 22

Today’s prompt for the challenge was a quote by Thom King, serial entrepreneur, founder of Steviva Brands, iCon Foods and GuyGoneKeto.

“Think it and ink it.”

Thom is a promoter of planning. Here’s another quote of his:

“I really think writing things down and getting your goals on paper … there’s something magical about. I’m a person rooted in science … but when you set your intention and map out what you want to do, that part of getting it in writing seems to be a catalyst for manifesting.”

Amen to that!

In addition to the prompt, I also was inspired by something one of my fellow challengers, Birgit Black Sink, wrote in her Day 22 post. She shared a piece that she inked in her art journal, which she keeps “for those parts of me that don’t have another place to speak up.”

And that reminded me of a quote I absolutely love by Nayyirah Waheed, so I made that into a meme, using a photo I played with in PicsArt for the background.

At the root of my own failure to plan (and write) is too often fear … of failure, of not-good-enough, of overwhelm, of an inability to finish.

Today’s challenge reminds me to push through the fear, and do it anyway.

One last quote:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~ Tom Fitzgerald, former Disney employee

That’s my mantra for today.

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