What saves us

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 24

CS Lewis, British writer, professor and lay theologian, 1898-1963, brings us today’s prompt.

“What saves a man [woman] is to take a step. And then to take another step.”

For a procrastinator, the first step is the most difficult. Often impossible.

As I wrote about in Day 22 of the challenge, so much stands in the way. Oddly enough, it matters not whether it’s something momentous or important to me — like writing — or something relatively insignificant — like dusting or throwing in a load of wash.

“Tomorrow,” I tell myself. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Then tomorrow comes, and I tell myself the same thing. Soon the list of tasks in itself becomes too much, and I no longer even set a goal and deadline.

But it’s true. The first step may feel clumsy and awkward, however it becomes easier then to take another, and another. Then momentum kicks in and it suddenly feels effortless.

I know this. I could coach other procrastinators on it. So why is it so difficult to do it myself?

Hell if I know. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. But for now … excuse me, while I go take that first step.

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