What’s next

The #iArtDaily 30-day challenge ended yesterday, and I actually posted for all 30 prompts. I’m proud of myself for that.

I plan to start again tomorrow for another 30 days (theme TBD). I was going to take a day off from posting, but now I’m feeling superstitious. What if I lose momentum by not writing, even for one day?

This morning my writing group, the Mid-Michigan Word Gatherers, met at our local coffee shop despite -11 degree temps. There were four of us, out of the usual dozen or so, so we gathered in front of the faux fireplace on a comfy couch and overstuffed chair to write.

I too often don’t write when the group does, but today I did … and while it wasn’t my best work, I did it, and I read it. Without feeling self-conscious. Which is new for me. It was just the exploration of a prompt in one moment in time.

One of the prompts I like to use with writers to warm up is: What’s on your mind right now? What are you bringing with you into this space?

As I type this, a quote pops into my head.

“I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” ~ Joan Didion

And there it is, the theme for the next 30 days, just like that. What do I know, or think, or notice, or desire, right now? Nothing weighty or deep or mystical … unless it is.

Yeah. I’m kind of excited about getting started. And that’s new too.

4 Replies to “What’s next”

  1. Yes, you did read what you wrote. Thank you for sharing. Maybe my almost always reading my really bad stuff helped you! I can be proud of having written the worst piece of writing you have ever heard!!!
    Congratulations on the new you!


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