‘Today is a soup day’

Day 3 #iWriteDaily

A screenshot of Gina Petitti, “The Italian Grandmother,” her lentil soup and her recipe on YouTube.

A friend who loves YouTube sent me a video of Gina Petitti, “The Italian Grandmother,” cooking lentil soup. Gina is charming, and reminded me of my Ukrainian Baba, so I had to follow along and try her recipe.

Yum! It’s pretty similar in ingredients I usually add myself; but the way she sautés the vegetables separately then adds water, making a sort of stock before combining with the cooked lentils, was interesting.

As Gina says, “Today is a soup day,” with the temps dropping into the single digits again. Her recipe was the perfect way to keep warm.

Watch Gina’s video at https://youtu.be/jc_dvl8AYG8. She has many more on her channel, too.

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