Finale (sort of)

Day 30 | Day 2 #iWriteDaily

So here it is: the end of my personal 30-day posting challenge. I did it!

For the most part on time, but not always. That’s OK though. I’m thrilled to have finished this challenge on the heals of a 30-day #iArtDaily challenge. And yesterday, March 1, began another 30-day challenge: #iWriteDaily.

All told it will be three months of blog entries and I’m super excited about that. I began setting up this space in April 2014, not posting until 2015 … then hardly anything. But this feels different.

I’ve learned that what goes here can be a few words, fluffy, or a photo or other graphic and no words at all. It doesn’t have to be deep and philosophical or earth-shaking. It’s a space for experimentation and even … gulp … fun. 🙂 The permission to write short and lowering the bar on expectations frees up my inner procrastinator and perfectionist to just do it.

And that’s the whole point: Just write and, as some around here say, “Git ‘er done.”

Mission accomplished. That may be all it is, but for me that’s huge.

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