Introducing ‘Whit Wednesday’

Day 20 #iWriteDaily

Here’s a tip of the hat to a great blog I’ve connected with recently. You’ll find The Electric Idealist over at It’s a thoughtful place with some beautiful writing!

Today is their “Wordless Wednesday,” when the offering is a picture to ponder. As I’m running behind on just about everything today, while still wanting to complete the 30-day #iWriteDaily challenge, I thought I’d borrow a page from their playbook and introduce “Whit Wednesday.”

A whit is defined as a very small part or amount. So starting today, I’m giving myself permission to post something very small, a whisper (another synonym of whit) of a post, and not feel guilty that I didn’t do enough here.

So here goes. Welcome to Whit Wednesday!

Kind of a mind bender, but I love this!

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