On a miracle

I’ve been off the grid for a wonderfully beautiful reason.

My daughter, son-in-law and grandson welcomed a new baby into their family on Mother’s Day!

My granddaughter is perfect and precious, and I’m so grateful to have been with them for this miracle, which puts everything into a new perspective.

As my friend, Jeannie, said, “It just reminds you how pure we are when we start …”

How hard it is to work our way back to that knowing without this kind of blessed reminder!

6 Replies to “On a miracle”

  1. This is amazing!!! I love that photo, which I feel like I can almost smell through the page! All that sweet newborn goodness! It brings back such good memories of my own boys when they were first born. Thanks for sharing, and heartfelt congrats. ❤️Lovely that it was on mother’s day.

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