‘Just do it’

I’ve neglected this space for two weeks.

I wrote a little bit about the reason — the birth of my granddaughter — here. But that’s only part of it. Honestly, I haven’t felt much like writing. I lost my appetite for it. Maybe just briefly.

Hopefully just briefly. Writing has always been my way in the world.

Mind you, even now, it’s not that I have nothing to say. Thoughts run wild through my brain. But I won’t pick up a pen, even to journal, although I tell myself I really want to. Why don’t I?

It feels heavy, like too much work. And who cares anyway, is what I tell myself.

Over the weekend I delighted myself by “Just do[ing] it” with regard to sone housework tasks I’ve put off, because it feels like too much work. I heard my friend Bobbi’s voice: “Sometimes how you feel is irrelevant. Just do it.”

I just did it. I folded piles of laundry, washed dishes, changed out porch lightbulbs (all four — burned out since I can’t remember when), cut the mailing labels off a box of writing magazines to take to my prison writers. (I’ve been tripping over that box for a month.)

It felt great, hence the delight.

Even this post. I began it five days ago and there it sat. For no reason other than I didn’t feel like writing it. Even though I wanted to. Which is baffling to me.

So there. I did it. I finished the blog post.

Now to that journal.

Beautiful irises in my garden … and, in the background, the bane of my existence: a long row of poison ivy.

4 Replies to “‘Just do it’”

  1. I have been in sort of the same space. I have been very busy with not the normal family functions but special ones that are once in a lifetime events. My theory is that my brain could only handle so much happiness, maybe with the new family member your mind has just settled in a happy quiet place. I try not to push the issue for myself and know that I will come back to “me”. Give yourself the permission to do things in your timetable and not any other. Sounds like you are well on the way back to “you.”

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