Artist’s Conk, right side up

Day 19 #iWriteDaily

Several days ago I posted this photo on Facebook. It’s a collection of mushrooms or fungus that I couldn’t identify, growing on a rotting birch branch, downed during recent high winds.

None of my FB friends recognized it either. One of them asked where I was standing in relationship to the ‘shrooms. “In front looking down” was my answer.

The next day I got to thinking: maybe I should turn the branch over and see what the fungi look like from another perspective. And voila!

It’s an Artist’s Conk, or Ganoderma applanatum, a common fungus that grows on dying or dead hardwoods and conifers. I had been looking at the underside of the growth.

Mystery solved … by looking at the question from a different perspective. It was a “whack on the side of the head”!

What a great teacher nature is. ☺️

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